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Frequently Asked Questions

01. What type of positions do you offer?
02. What is your pay rate?
03. Why are you able to pay higher wages than hospitals
04. Do you have benefits?
05. Can I continue to work in my current position and       work for your agency at the same time?
06. How do you schedule shifts?
07. Do I have an opportunity to gain experience in a       variety of settings?
08. What type of support do you have for new grads or       new immigrants?
09. What puts Health Staffing ahead of hospital       working environments?
10. What are the advantages of working as a Contractor       instead of as an Employee?

01. What Type of Positions do you offer?

Our company offers positions for Registered Nurses, Registered Psychiatric Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nurses Aides, companions, housekeeping and security. Our new practicum division has opportunities for Nurse Educators, mentors, and instructors. Our staff work in Acute Hospitals (including specialty areas), Care facilities, rehab settings, and private homes in the community.

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02. What is your pay rate?

Our pay rates for Nurses are generally higher than the standard scale for hospitals or care facilities: for RNs including bonuses and differentials is up to $45 per hour. Our rates for other disciplines are generally comparable to the industry: Care Aides up to $18 per hour, LPNs up to $28.

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03. Why are you able to pay higher wages than hospitals?

Our staff generally fill vacancies that would otherwise be filled by the hospital requiring one of their own staff to work at overtime rates. We also choose to pay higher wages to our Nurses instead of maintaining costly accumulations such as compassionate leave credits.

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04. Do you have benefits?

Our benefits program includes Dental, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Extended Health and AD&D. The program is fully paid for our full-time staff and cost-shared for part-time staff.

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05. Can I continue to work in my current position and work for your agency at the same time?

Yes. Our scheduling process allows you to fill in your available time without conflicting with your current rotation. It doesn't matter if your days off are the same each week or changing all the time. We typically have assignments available every day and every time slot. Our assignments can be accessed singly or in blocks.

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06. How do you schedule shifts?

Our scheduling office receives requests for workers from hospitals, care facilities, and other health care settings all over the lower mainland. We then offer the assignments to those of our staff best suited to meet the needs of the client. Our placement criteria start with the appropriate skill sets and include familiarity with the specific unit/client, proximity, preference, etc. Staff always have the last say as to whether they wish to accept any given assignment.

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07. Do I have an opportunity to gain experience in a variety of settings?

We service Acute Hospitals, geriatric facilities, special care units, mental health boarding homes, rehab centres, and private clients in their own homes. Our staff have opportunities to work in each of these centres providing their skill sets match or providing they are willing to spend the required time training and orienting to each new unit.

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08. What type of support do you have for new grads or new immigrants?

Health Staffing International has the best-developed mentoring program in our business sector. Nurses in our practicum program work one-on-one with experienced RNs, observing, doing hands-on care, reviewing systems and procedures, etc. We have the advantage of multiple units and multiple sites affording our staff a well-rounded view of how the health care system works in BC. Staff are gradually introduced into the workforce and even after graduating into independent assignments, continue to benefit from our supervisory support mechanisms: i.e. ongoing advice on career choices, support in the case of errors and incidents or practice issues. We are able to deal with hospital managers to improve working conditions on behalf of our staff.

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09. What puts Health Staffing ahead of hospital working environments?

a. For one thing, there is the atmosphere of an extended family. We help staff when they are 'down' and we share their joy when they are 'up.' If a staff member needs their pay a day or a week early we are able to respond because we are not tied to a large inflexible payroll system, and because we are an extended family.

b. Working for Health Staffing is more fun: We have many staff social functions, such as boat trips to nearby islands and cruises to watch the fireworks, barbeques, bowling nights, and community service work for those who like to volunteer.

c. Reduced Stress: Our staff are bound only to the schedule they know they can handle from week to week. They are not forced to work overtime when they are exhausted. They can alter their work availability on a daily basis so as to better fit with their personal needs.

d. No Politics: often in work settings people are pulled into or away from established cliques. Too often workers become pawns in the struggle between union and employer, facility and funding ministry. Our staff do not have to choose sides in these instances. You can choose to go back to those settings or you can instruct our scheduling office to send you to other facilities instead. In unionized work-stoppages we can cross picket lines because we are assisting the union in meeting their requirements under essential services legislation. We are not taking away union jobs, we are only filling in after the union resources are exhausted.

e. Bonuses: We provide 'referral bonuses' for people who bring in new nurses to work for the company (up to $500 per Nurse). We also provide service bonuses to each RN based on their work volumes (up to $2000 bonus each year).

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10. What are the advantages of working as a Contractor instead of as an Employee?

With Health Staffing International, you may work as a Contractor instead of as an Employee. In accordance with instructions from the Canada Revenue Agency, our company must still act as a 'remitter' for your EI and CPP, however as a self-employed contractor, you are responsible for remitting your taxes.

The principle advantage is that your place of work is your own home. You may deduct the costs of getting to each work assignment (including vehicle depreciation, insurance, and maintenance). This factor alone is worth several thousand dollars to many of our staff. Many other costs directly related to your work with our agency become eligible deductions: e.g. telephone, pager, fax, and computer equipment, attendance at conferences and workshops, etc.

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